The Valley of Kashmir continue to hold several beautiful secrets and one among these is the Valley of Doodhpathri, just 42kms away from Srinagar. With towering mountains,velvet-like green meadows, sky-touching trees and crystal-clear water,everything makes Doodhpathri an exceptional Tourist Destination.  A flowing river resounds with soft wind passing through the pine trees of the enclosures of the valley. It is called as a VALLEY OF MILK because it produces rich milk from the cattle grazing in the meadows in large quantity. Another reason why it is called the valley of milk is because the water of the two river Shaliganga and Sokhnag, flowing on either sides the pastures is flows really fast and when it strikes against the stones,it forms a milky-white form. Doodhpathri is a combination of twin pastures namely Parhace maidan and Doodhpathri. These two bowl-like pastures give a spectacle of paradise on earth. 

The shepherds from diverse regions progress to this place along with their cattle and stay there for days collectively. This area also connected to Gurez valley on its north.